The True Value Of Assessment Days

What Tony Robbins Can Teach You About Group Recruitment...
A complicated recruitment process just isn’t feasible on your time and resources when you have multiple positions to fill. We take the hassle out of your bulk recruitment by running highly-tailored Assessment Centers to vet candidates for short-list, or immediate start.

But there’s a deeper value of Assessment Days for bulk recruitment, that can benefit your whole customer services teams and organization as a whole. The ability to identify candidates who ‘Sort By Others’.

Not sure what that means? Read on…
Personal development guru, Tony Robbins, tells a story on his blog*:
A major airline that found 95% of its complaints involved 5% of its employees. These 5% sorted strongly by self; they were most interested in looking out for themselves, not others. Were they poor employees? Yes and no. They were obviously in the wrong jobs and obviously doing a poor job, though they might have been smart, hardworking and congenial.
Building a team that works relies on placing candidates that ‘sort by others’ – meaning they naturally put other people before themselves.

Robbins goes on to say;
The company switched to a group interview system, in which prospective employees were asked why they wanted to work for the airline. Applicants were judged not by their individual answers, but by their behavior as members of the audience.

The individuals who paid the most attention and gave the most eye contact, smiles or support to the person who was doing the speaking at the front of the room were given the highest rating, while those who paid little or no attention and were in their own world while others were talking were considered to be primarily self-sorting and were not hired.

The company’s complaint ratio dropped over 80% as a result of this move.
Assessment Days are a valuable tool in bulk recruitment
By placing potential candidates in a bulk Assessment environment you are able to quietly – yet powerfully – assess where applicants fit on the ‘sorting scale’, and this strongly influences their ability to integrate with your company and serve your clientele.

We are experts at Group Interviews and Assessment Days and use a variety of tools to test candidates on their suitability for your company and customers. Typical exercises include:
*Read the full post on Tony Robbins’ blog:
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