Technical Developer

Job Title: Technical Developer

Location: Brighton

Salary: £32,000 - £40,000



  • Produce internal progress reports as required
  • Guide the Junior Developers in the team
  • App development & maintenance
  • Review requirements to ensure estimates on development time and cost are accurate
  • Maintain adherence to internal quality requirements
  • Remain aware of current technologies and update the team if relevant technology emerges
  • Support existing applications based on the SLA’s
  • Attend weekly meetings to discuss projects, both new and existing
  • Additional duties as needed


  • Must have strong knowledge of:
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • SQL
    • Java
  • The ideal candidates will have experience with:
    • Angular
    • Mobile Development
    • PHP
    • XML
    • JAXWS
    • Maven
  • Knowledge of Waterfall/Agile development methodologies
  • Thorough understanding of the developmental lifecycle, from start to finish
  • Able to prioritise and manage time, when split between various projects
  • Strong interdepartmental communication skills
  • Highly self-motivated

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