Arabic Lead Qualification Specialist

Arabic Lead Qualification Specialist (Contract)

This role is an FTC ending 31.12.18

Job Description

This position will be within the direct sales team and will work closely with  Advisors in order to identify qualified sales leads and to develop those leads into business opportunities.

To help you succeed in your role, you will receive training on salesforce, processes and products 

Key Responsibilities

  • Categorising and prioritising inbound inquires, identifying leads, and handling each lead according to established guidelines.
  • Qualify all leads from different sources by ensuring enquiries meets segmentation and key attributes criteria 

  • Determine and calculate lead automation progress and lead score.

  • Manage data for new created leads in Salesforce CRM system.

  • Update Sales Managers and Directors on daily lead flow analysis.

  • Handle inbound phone calls and import the enquiries to Salesforce CRM system.


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