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How to prepare

Interview Preparation Checklist

Use our handy checklist below to ensure you are fully prepared for your upcoming interview:

Step 1: Talk to your Consultant
Your Consultant has all the insider knowledge on the role, the company and who you will be interviewing with. We want to see you get the job, so use your Consultant to your advantage!
Step 2: Research the company
The official website and social media pages will give you a wealth of information on the company you are interviewing with. Check for what they do, who their customers are, how many people they employ, their recent news – anything that could be relevant and help you impress your interviewer.
Step 3: Understand their company culture
Look at the company values: what’s important to them, what they look for in candidates they hire. Every company has a unique culture, from corporate all the way through to relaxed.
Step 4: Understand the role
It is crucial you gain a deep understanding of the role you are interviewing for: the objectives, the experience required and the person-specification as well. Your Consultant will give you a thorough overview and if you have any queries it is crucial you raise these with us before your interview.
Step 5: Know your CV & work experience inside-out
Your interviewer will likely have a copy of your CV in front of them, and they may have questions relating to your work experience. Take the time to go through your CV and work experience so you can answer quickly and accurately if you are asked a question during your interview.
Step 6: Practice your answers
Use all the resources here in our Interview Zone to prepare for your interview. Specifically, go through the ‘Example Interview Questions’ section and pick out questions you think you may be asked. Prepare your answers and then practice, practice, practice!
Step 7: Always be professional
Arrive between 5 & 10 minutes early for your interview. Be professional in your approach (your posture, your handshake, right through to the way you talk) from the moment you walk into the building. As a rule, wear a suit to your interview – even if the company culture is relaxed and informal.
Step 8: Relax and enjoy the process
Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Try as best you can to relax and enjoy the process. It always helps to remember that your interviewer wants you to do well: they want to see you shine.
Step 9: Contact your Consultant after your interview
This is very important so that you can debrief your consultant on how you think your interview went: good or bad. If you’re worried about any aspect of the interview, your consultant may be able to smooth things over with the company. If you’re feeling positive then this feedback will also be important to share with the client.
Step 10: Alert your referees if you are successful
If your interview is successful and you get offered the job – congratulations! The next stage will be reference checking so be sure to alert your referees that they will soon be contacted by a member of our team.

To your interview success!

We're here to help you succeed
We believe in your abilities and want to see you do well at interview, get the job and progress your career!

If you are unsure about any aspect of the role or the company – no matter how small – then please get in touch with your consultant straight away so we can help:
  • Questions by email: Simply reply to your interview confirmation email from your consultant.
  • Questions by phone: Call our office on 01273 607129 to speak to our teams directly.

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