Candidate Interview Zone


Candidate Interview Zone


Our Candidate Interview Zone is designed to help you navigate your upcoming interview with maximum chances of success.
Preparation is crucial to impress your interviewers, effectively communicate your experience and suitability for the role and make it through to the next round of the process – all the way through to getting the job!
Take your time to go through each section in our Interview Zone. We have included comprehensive overviews, sample interview Q&A, as well as a selection of interview questions by job type. Good luck!

Let's get started

Use the quick-links below to dive deeper into our Candidate Interview Zone resources:

Competency Based
Interview Guide

Face-to-Face Interviews

Your complete guide to face-to-face 'Competency Based' interviews.

Interview Guide

How to prepare

Your complete guide to telephone interviews.

Interview Preparation Checklist

How to Prepare

Here you will find a checklist of how to prepare for successful interview.

Questions by Profession

Search by job title

Here you will find example interview questions based on the role you are applying for.

After Your Interview

Contact your consultant as soon as possible after your interview has finished.

This is very important so that you can debrief your consultant on how you think your interview went: good or bad. If you’re worried about any aspect of the interview, your consultant may be able to smooth things over with the company. If you’re feeling positive then this feedback will also be important to share with the client.

To your interview success!

Step 1:
Your interview type

Select the correct Guide below based on the type of interview you are having: face-to-face or telephone.

Step 2:
Do your research

Research the company in detail, the position, etc., as well as the person who will be interviewing you on the day.

Step 3:
Tailor your Experience

It's vital to be familiar with your own work history and experience so you can tailor your answers to suit the role.

Step 4:
Practice makes perfect

Practice, practice and practice your answers to potential interview questions. You can never be too prepared!

We're here to help you succeed
We believe in your abilities and want to see you do well at interview, get the job and progress your career!

If you are unsure about any aspect of the role or the company – no matter how small – then please get in touch with your consultant straight away so we can help:
  • Questions by email: Simply reply to your interview confirmation email from your consultant.
  • Questions by phone: Call our office on 01273 607129 to speak to our teams directly.

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